Another day of testimony in the murder trial of Alex Murdaugh in South Carolina. Prosecutors played an audio recording of Murdaugh saying either “They did him wrong” or “I did him wrong” when referring to the murder of his son, Paul. Listen Here:

The latest Twitter Files shows Hamilton 68 was, itself, a disinformation operation. Plus, when (and why) Americans began losing their faith in the news media. Listen Here:

In the latest reporting on the Twitter Files, Matt Taibbi outlines how media, universities, and politicians amplified the Hamilton 68 “dashboard that allegedly tracked Russian influence operations on Twitter. But the dashboard was, itself, disinformation. Listen Here:

Matt Harris is the host of the podcast “Impact of Influence” – and gives us a report from today’s Alex Murdaugh murder trial. Listen Here:

While activists try to make the murder of Tyre Nichols a symptom of white supremacy, it’s actually part of a larger issue that many seem uninterested in addressing. Listen Here:

In the wake of the police beating death of Tyre Nichols in Memphis, CNN’s Van Jones says we need to have a more “nuanced” national discussion on police brutality. I agree. But I suspect Jones is not interested in a lot of nuance. Listen Here:

North Carolina Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-10) pushes back on allegations from conservative media that he’s pushing diversity and inclusion as a priority on the House Finance Committee – where he is now the chairman. Listen Here:

Project Veritas confronts an executive they secretly recorded explaining how the pharmaceutical company was experimenting with mutating the COVID virus in order to develop new vaccines. Listen Here:

Day 5 of the Alex Murdaugh trial is underway and one of the South Carolina detectives who arrived on the scene testified that Murdaugh had no blood on any of his clothing or hands. Murdaugh told police he tried to check for a pulse on both his wife’s and son’s bodies. Listen Here:

North Carolina House lawmakers have introduced a bill to require all sheriffs in the state to cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement – something sheriffs in Mecklenburg and Buncombe refuse to do. Listen Here: