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Ignoring the real issues giving rise to “the far right” in Europe will not convince people that the Left is correct or competent. Simply calling conservatives racists does not address the real societal impacts of policies that progressives champion. Listen Here:

After Giorgia Meloni’s historic election victory to become Italy’s new Prime Minister, American media are trying to paint her as a “far right” figure. The Associated Press traced her party’s roots back to the post-World War Two Italian Social Movement. The Italian Social Movement, or MSI, was founded in 1946 by Giorgio Almirante, a chief […]

Once again, American media is gaslightling its audience. This time it’s about the election of the new Prime Minister of Italy – Giorgia Meloni. Politico said the White House was putting on a “brave public face” in reacting to the news: The earthquake in Italy has sent tremors that could be felt in the White […]

Democrats in Charlotte-Mecklenburg have controlled the city and county governments for some 20 years. And while the politicians quoted in the Charlotte Observer story may deny it, party politics does influence policy. Listen Here:

In a sign of the escalating aggression of the US government against pro-lifers, a well-known author and activist was arrested in an early morning raid at his home. According to LifeSite News, 48-year old Mark Houck, was arrested in front of his seven children and wife. Ryan-Marie, who is a homeschooling mother, described how the […]

A UNC Charlotte student was handcuffed as campus police investigated his religious ceremonial knife that he was wearing on his chest. From WSOC-TV: According to a message sent to the UNC Charlotte community Friday, campus police responded to a 911 call regarding someone with a knife Thursday. Once at the student union, officers approached the […]

A proposal to impose term limits on the US Supreme Court might be more attractive if Democrats weren’t trying to abolish the Electoral College. Listen Here:

Georgia Democrat candidate for Governor Stacy Abrams claimed ultrasound technology was developed to allow men to control women’s bodies. She told a panel discussion, “There is no such thing as a heartbeat at six weeks. It is a manufactured sound designed to convince people that men have the right to take control of a woman’s body.” […]

President Joe Biden’s proposal to cancel student loan debt is perceived as politically motivated and unfair by virtually every demographic in America. From Issues & Insights: By a margin of 59% to 32%, Americans agreed that Biden’s student-loan forgiveness plan “is unfair to those whose children are not in college or who have already paid […]

Who are spoonies and does this community of the chronically sick offer insights into the society at large? Listen Here: