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Tune in here to this ​Monday edition of Breaking With Brett Jensen! Breaking Brett Jensen kicks the show off by talking about the shift in voter demographics across North Carolina with a swing of 282,000 registered voters from Democrat to Republican. This doesn’t necessarily mean that all of them switched their registration from democrat to […]

Tune in here to this Monday edition of the Brett Winterble Show! Brett kicks off the program by talking about Biden giving illegal immigrants amnesty and the latest updates on the Hunter Biden gun trial. We’re joined by Breaking Brett Jensen to talk about the Charlotte City Council budget meeting tonight and the FOUR separate […]

Tune in here to this Monday edition of the Brett Winterble Show! Bo Thompson from Good Morning BT is here for this Monday’s episode of Crossing the Streams. Brett and Bo talk about UConn Head Coach, Dan Hurley, turning down the Laker’s Head Coach position and how NIL is changing college sports. The duo also […]

Former President Donald Trump promised service workers in Nevada that if he wins election in November he would push to eliminate income taxes on tips they earn.

More stories of leftist prosecutors dropping charges for violent criminals while US DOJ files charges against a doctor for uncovering illegal procedures performed by colleagues.

Israeli forces freed four hostages being held deep inside Gaza. Outrage ensues after the operation resulted in more than 100 deaths of Palestinians and Hamas fighters who tried to prevent the extraction.

Welcome to another week of the Vince Coakley Radio Program! We start the show by talking about a daring rescue of Israeli hostages being held by Hamas + the stories of joy and sadness that came out of the mission. We also talk about some of the specifics of the mission and who was involved […]

Guest - Representative Dan Bishop helping us understand the craziness with the Donald Trump verdict. An attack on our system of justice!  Excellent discussion with our US Representative!

Camp Soar's founder and Director Bob Bowler share the purpose, the history and its positive impact on our "special needs folks", now in its 23rd year. WBT's Brett Jensen previews the Carolina Panthers proposed stadium renovations....plays the promotional audio and the overall details that the City Council will discuss.  Ed encourages all to go to his "podcast" from the June 3rd Show to listen to the entire proposal/discussion.

Good Morning BT with Bo Thompson and Beth Troutman entire Monday, June 10th 2024 show.   6:05 Beth’s song of the day 6:20 Caitlin Clark Snubbed From Olympic Team 6:35 The Science Of Conversation 6:50 RAM Biz Update; Bad Boys 4 Opening Weekend Success   7:05 Yankees and Dodgers “Split” Merchandise 7:20 Randy Calls In […]