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After getting off work at a local fast food restaurant, two people partook in the pot and police attempted to arrest them. The woman punched a cop in the face and then police had to subdue her with punches to her thigh. Someone shot video of the thigh punches and outrage ensued. Listen Here:

Vince gives an update on the war between Israel and Hamas and how it’s affecting those here in the U.S. Chip Roy speaks out and says the Republic is in trouble. Plus, Therapeutic Thursday. That and much more on The Vince Coakley Radio Program. Listen Here:

CMPD Chief Johnny Jennings answers questions on the latest police-related incident in Charlotte. Also, Brett dives into “small town politics” in Weddington. That and much more on Breaking With Brett Jensen. Listen Here:

Tune in as Brett Winterble is joined by Coach Matt Doherty to talk about fights on the Senate floor and the coach takes us back in time to his first car. That and much more on The Brett Winterble Show. Listen Here:

Tune in here for this Tuesday edition of Breaking with Brett Jensen! Brett starts the program by talking more about last Friday’s protest outside of the WBT/WBTV station + what happened with him after his show and why he ended up going home in a police car and why he thinks the protests we’re carried […]

Tune in here to Brett’s 1-on-1 interview with NC Congressional District 6 candidate Mark Walker, who is running against Bo Hines, after dropping out of the gubernatorial race. Listen Here:  

“Tensions in the Democratic Party nationwide” are boiling in the North Carolina party, as well. The state party leaders rejected a proposal to create a Jewish Caucus. Plus, Nikki Haley tries cleaning up her comments on internet anonymity. Listen Here:

Some of the biggest protests to support Palestinians in the month have been organized by The People’s Forum – which is funded by a millionaire Marxist and his wife. Listen Here:

The Israeli Defense Forces have finally moved into the Shifa Hospital in Gaza. Now, we’re going to find out whether Hamas’ denials about using the facility as a command and control operations center were true. Listen Here:

Standing with Israel marches took place yesterday in D.C. as war rages on in the Middle East. Also, The U.S. government is facing another shutdown. While the deadline approaches, will new Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, be able to strike a deal with democrats on the budget for 2024? That and much more on […]