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Tonight on The Brett Winterble Show we’re joined by Charities for Vets founder Rick Berman to talk about the important work his group does and how YOU can help. Visit charitiesforvets.org to learn more.

On this Tuesday edition of Crossing The Streams on The Brett Winterble Show, Good Morning BT host Beth Troutman joins to talk about the fallout the expect from the debt ceiling deal reported and how that will impact the 2024 Presidential election + what Beth and Brett think it will take for America’s situation to […]

As we continue to remember those who gave their lives in the service of The United States of America, Brett shares a remarkable story of a Marine who wouldn’t retreat — and whose family can finally say goodbye.

What’s in the negotiated debt ceiling deal? Why are some Republicans opposed to it? Why are Democrats outraged over it, too? Listen Here:

Congressman Dan Bishop stops by to discuss the deficit deal; Brett Jensen discusses his interview with the NC House Speaker and the Governor. Frequent caller Gabe Stein, a new high school graduate, visits to give a young man’s perspective on our current issues.

A shootout on a Charlotte bus. The looting of a Lululemon store in Atlanta. The latest signs of a society that is losing its shared sense of trust and an expectation that we should follow laws. Listen Here:

Gabe Stein, A new graduate from Charlotte Latin School, and a frequent GMBT caller joins GMBT to give a young generation perspective to today’s issues.

David Strom at HotAir.com writes “America is fraying today because, without the common sense of purpose, nothing else binds us.” We’ve lost our shared sense of trust that our nation’s ideal is freedom, not oppression. Listen Here:

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy struck a deal with President Joe Biden to raise the debt ceiling. Some House Republicans are not pleased with the deal. Vince gives his thoughts. Vince discusses the topic of abortion and takes calls. Also, Transformation Tuesday. Listen Here:

US Congressman Dan Bishop joins GMBT to discuss the debt agreement between House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and President Biden.