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Today on The Brett Winterble Show we’re joined by special guest Biff Poggi — the new UNCC Head Football Coach — to talk about leadership and the challenge he faces as the leader of the 49ers. ¬†Coach Doherty and Poggi dive into Poggi’s background (including his time at Duke) as well as his journey from […]

The Coach Matt Doherty is back on The Brett Winterble Show once again talking about just how “tricky” things are these days + react to the results of last night’s NBA Draft Lottery. Coach explains why he’s excited for the opportunity to The Hornets have to draft a potential All-Star to join LaMelo Ball despite […]

Legendary Coach Bob McKillop talks about his journey and experience coaching Steph Curry at Davidson College. Matt Doherty has known Bob for almost 50 years and learned a few things about him in this interview that he knows you will find interesting. Success is never linear! LISTEN:

The North Carolina House and Senate voted to override Gov. Roy Cooper’s veto of abortion legislation that limits elective abortions to the first 12 weeks. There are exceptions for rape, incest, and the life of the mother. But Democrats, activists, media, and leftists raged that it was a ban on abortion. Listen Here:

Townhall columnist Brad Slager outlines how news outlets were a vital component in the fable that Trump colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election. Listen Here:

Merely a series of mis-steps, errors, omissions, confirmation bias, and abandonment of investigative norms led the FBI to pursue and leak details of the Russia collusion hoax. But nobody did anything wrong and we can totally trust that all the problems have been fixed now. Listen Here:

North Carolina republicans have overridden Governor Coopers veto of Senate Bill 20. Reuters has more: North Carolina Republican lawmakers overrode a veto by the state’s Democratic governor to enact a law on Tuesday that cuts the window for most abortions in the southern state from 20 to 12 weeks. The law bans elective abortions after […]

One day after the Durham Report on the FBI’s treatment of Donald Trump compares to other politicians, Rick Gates joins The Brett Winterble Show to share his reaction to the report + how his life has been impacted as a result.

With the growth in popularity and capability of Artificial Intelligence Brett Winterble is joined by Aaron Raferty to talk about the dangers to people and industry the tech could bring but also explains why it isn’t all doom and gloom when it comes to A.I.  

Today on The Brett Winterble Show Beth Troutman of Good Morning BT is back for Crossing The Streams and takes you behind the scenes of the vote to override Governor Roy Cooper’s veto of a bill that would limit most abortions after 12 weeks. Beth shares why abortion is a “sneaky” issue for some especially […]