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North Carolina Rep. Tricia Cotham from Mecklenburg County says she changed her party affiliation from Democrat to Republican due to the attacks against her from her legislative colleagues and activists. Listen Here:

North Carolina state Representative Tricia Cotham made it official this morning and announced she was registering as a Republican. The move means the GOP has a supermajority in the NC House, although she’s unlikely to be a sold vote for every issue on the Republican agenda. Listen Here:

Former Charlotte Mayor and NC Governor Pat McCrory joins Good Morning BT with Bo Thompson & Beth Troutman, asserting that Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg's prosecution of former President Donald Trump actually benefits Trump politically, and that Democrats caused North Carolina House of Representatives member Tricia Cotham to switch her political party affiliation from Democrat to Republican.

Tricia Cotham has decided to change her party affiliation from Democrat to Republican. Axios reports:  A North Carolina Democratic lawmaker is expected to flip her party affiliation, multiple Republicans with knowledge of the discussions tell Axios.  The move would cement Republicans’ toe-hold in a fast-changing swing state, handing them a veto-proof majority in the middle […]

Tonight on Breaking with Brett Jensen Brett breaks down why Tricia Cotham — a Democrat North Carolina  State Representative from Mecklenburg County — is switching her political affiliation.

Today on Crossing the Streams Good Morning BT host Bo Thompson drops by once again to talk about former President Donald Trump after his arraignment today. Bo and Brett discuss if they think Trump would prefer to go back to his status of the 1980’s vs. present day + what kind of response Trump will […]

Today on the Brett Winterble Show we share some of the Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg news conference following the arraignment of former President Donald Trump + Brett shares his live reaction.  

Writing at his substack newsletter, Longleaf Politics, Andrew Dunn suggests Republicans “don’t quite understand the [school choice] movement.” Dunn says GOP lawmakers focus too much on trying to “neuter specific criticisms” from the Left, and should just argue the obvious: “Money should support the child, not prop up a system.” Listen Here:

The North Carolina Senate is weighing a proposal to expand the Opportunity Scholarship program, to allow more students to access tuition grants for K-12 schools. Democrats say it will destroy the current  government-run model. Listen Here:

Former President Donald Trump is expected to appear in court today, and it appears that law enforcement has set up a gauntlet of protesters for him to walk through to enter the building. Plus, Trump reportedly will NOT be handcuffed or have a mug shot taken. Listen Here: