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Chad talks about the issues democrats are currently facing. The recent Roe v. Wade leak, border security and Covid just to name a few.

Brett Winterble continues the discussion of abortion and the leaked Roe vs. Wade document by sharing his thoughts on the man’s role in abortion + shares one piece of advice for young men everywhere.

James Golden AKA Bo Snerdley stopped by this afternoon on the Brett Winterble show on News Talk 1110 and 99.3 WBT to talk about the leak of the Roe versus Wade opinion coming out of the Supreme Court. Bo noted, not just the violation of the leak, but the implications, noting that the original Roe […]

Democrats are flooding my Inbox with fundraising emails predicting the end of the world if Roe v Wade is overturned and states are permitted to democratically decide what their own rules should be. Plus, more of the deep dive into local and state races on the May 17 primary ballots.

Former NC Congressman Mark Walker discusses the final days of his campaign for US Senate and the importance of articulating an argument for conservatism. Plus, the races and candidates NC voters will decide during the ongoing primary election.

North Carolina voters have a few primaries to vote in on May 17. On the Republican side, of particular note are the races for NC Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, and US Senate. On the Democrat side, Mecklenburg Sheriff, NC legislative seats, Charlotte City Council, Mayor, and Mecklenburg County Commissioner.

In this hour, Vince dives into the latest news involving Elon Musk. The CDC has been tracking millions of phones during Covid to see if citizens complied with their recommendation to stay home. Also, an assisted suicide recently took place in a Canadian church, Vince gives his thoughts.

Vince discusses recent events sounding Roe v. Wade. Plus, Democrats have had 50 years to create abortion legislation, why do they care now?

Mark Garrison and T.J. Boggs are back to let you know the best and worst places to eat as Cinco de Mayo approaches + discuss one really dirty Waffle House.

Local pro-life groups are excited that Roe vs. Wade may be overturned by the Supreme Court. The issue would then go back to the States.