The Medical Director of Infection Prevention for Atrium Health is not only one of the southeast's leading infectious disease experts, but has also been the face of Atrium's COVID-19 team over the last year. Passaretti was gracious enough to do a long-form interview in the Ty Boyd Studio.

Radio One and WBT AM/FM host Bo Thompson have reached a multi-year agreement for Thompson to continue in Morning Drive on the heritage News Talk station. Thompson is a Charlotte native and began his career at WBT in 1990 at age 16. He worked at the station while still attending Myers Park High School and […]

Tomorrow, I will decide whether to stay a part of the top-rated morning radio show in Charlotte or take our fight to Washington with the possibility of becoming your next Senator. It's a tough decision and one I've been weighing since I lost my Gubernatorial race to Roy Cooper four years ago. 

The Biden-Harris agenda is only going to become more radical over the next two years and beyond. We need to strengthen our base and have members of the party who're fighting for one another. As President Abraham Lincoln once said, "A house divided against itself cannot stand." We need to stand stronger than ever in these challenging times.  

The President is creating division by using identifying factors to develop his political agenda. An extremely dangerous set of ideas that has grown into erasing one’s history, muting them and violating the free exchange of ideas, thoughts, and speech.

But not only did "60 Minutes" get it wrong, they showed their typical left-wing bias by going on full blown attack mode to try and drag another Republican official through the mud. The evidence present had very little substance other than money was paid from Publix to DeSantis' PAC fund. 

What's being called the American Jobs Plan should have support from both the Republican and Democrats, along with the general public, but there's a reason why Biden is having trouble selling it. The idea of a $2 trillion overhaul for the country's mainframe is scary, and it's also deceiving.  

Whether we want to believe it or not, the madam VP is working to ease the crisis, along with coordinating those efforts between Mexico and the three countries of Central America’s Northern Triangle. At least, that's what's scripted on paper as her current duties. But, what exactly is her role?

"We were told that we couldn't take cameras. We said noted — and we brought out all our phones— try to do what the press has been unable to do which is report this. We went to the Donna facility— should have about 250-to-300 people in it —got about 4,000

More people are lining up to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, but we still don't widely know the full protections of the shot. Just getting inoculated won't give you immunity from the virus. However, it is the best way to be protected from developing a severe case. One of the things government officials like Dr. Anthony Fauci should be emphasizing to the public.