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Former President Donald Trump is reportedly facing indictment on federal charges related to classified documents that were taken from the White House and recovered at his Florida home. New details are also emerging about President Joe Biden’s document collection as well as corruption. Coincidentally, there’s a report that we have UFO material.

Latest information on the possible indictment of former President Trump. Mixed messaging from the Trump camp on the indictment.  Where would the charges be filed? There are potential charges in DC, FL and NJ. Therapeutic Thursday, we need to be more like Jesus and return to the Father to get through these tough times.

Tonight on Breaking with Brett Jensen we’re joined by Queen City News meteorologist Tara Lane to talk about the first code red air quality in Charlotte in years and explain just what it means.

The Coach Matt Doherty and Brett Winterble talk about a story about a woman who sued her neighbor for smoking weed…and won + one caller reacts to learning Snoop Dogg buying a hockey team.

The Coach Matt Doherty is back for his weekly appearance on The Brett Winterble Show where Brett has a surprise for Coach that he doesn’t like too much.  

The Southern Poverty Law Center scammers have published a report labeling parents groups as “hate groups” – like the KKK. One local Democrat elected official is celebrating the designation of Moms For Liberty as an anti-government hate group because they don’t want porn on school book shelves. Listen Here:

Saying “perfection can’t be the enemy of progress,” Charlotte-Mecklenburg School Board members approved new student assignment plans that move tens of thousands of students in dozens of schools in the southern part of the county. Parents say the district relied too heavily on socio-economic status to balance schools and, in the process, blew up their […]