Brett Jensen joins from Kyiv, Ukraine, to describe his experiences there.

In this episode, The Eastland Mall area land plans, Brett Jensen live from Ukraine, Emilie Ratliff from Claire’s Army on the upcoming gala, David Chadwick, and Bill Graham; Wallace and Graham joins in the studio.

Bill Graham of Wallace & Graham PA joins Good Morning BT to discuss the Deshaun Watson punishment and the recent twists in the Alex Jones trial.

Emily Ratliff, Claire’s Army, joins Good morning BT to discuss the gala on August 6th. David Chadwick makes a surprise visit to Emily

Brett Jensen joins GMBT live from Kyiv, Ukraine.

In this show, Brett Jensen reports from Ukraine. Cyber Security Expert Theresa Payton reviews standard procedures for safeguarding government communications and the lifespan and disposal of portable electronic devices. Good Morning BT pays tribute to the late Vin Scully.  Jim Szoke reviews the Panther’s training camp and the punishment for the Miami Dolphins for tampering.

Good Morning BT pays tribute to the Late Vin Scully.

Cyber Expert Theresa Payton discusses the standard procedures for protecting communication in the government, as well as the lifespan and disposal of all our portable electronic devices.

Police rounding up troublesome bikers, and an update on Clara’s Army fill out hour one. Jackhammer parents and other parenting styles are discussed in hour two. In hour three, Pat Cotham joins to talk about possible additional toll lanes, Brett Winterble has a reaction to the al-Zawahiri kill, a Prod squad review with Bernie, and […]