"We're seeing from the Chinese propaganda that they look at what's going on with disarray. The incoherence in American foreign policy, and they think they can do whatever they want."

"If anything's happening inside the crush there's no way for security to get in there and help."

"The battle of this country is between us, and the weirdos."

"He hasn't had any successes. None of these bills have passed, he's gone over seas. He's come up short, time and time again."

"That makes 15 guns since August 25th"

"We're going to see a lot more interest coming out of last night. Which is great, because this wave is building."

"Leave patriotic, god fearing, strong Americans alone."

"You need me Ryan, you listen to my station every day, you need me."

"They run into the fire, grab the people that are in there, and pull them then back out through the fire to safety."