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Haven’t you heard? Brett Winterble is heading to Italy, and he wants YOU to join him! Listen here as he talks with Charles Crull of about all the great experiences you can have with Brett next June from exploring ancient Roman ruins to a delicious Tuscan feast + how to book your spot today […]

The weekly tradition of the Friday Hangover with Pete Kaliner on the Brett Winterble Show is back as the two hosts discuss mistakes politicians make “on day one” and the battle for Richard Burr’s senate seat. Pete and Brett talk about what makes the race between Cheri Beasley and Ted Budd remarkable in today’s political […]

Today on the Brett Winterble Show Brett talked with Sergio Sanchez of KURV radio in McAllen, Texas for a look at the border situation. Brett and Sergio discuss how the situation is impacting everyday life for Americans in border areas + discuss what they think needs to be done in order to take back control.

We get this Thursday edition of the Brett Winterble Show started with a conversation with WBT host and reporter Brett Jensen live from Quail Hollow Club for the first round of the Presidents Cup. Jensen paints the scene from between the 9th green and 10th tee box at Quail Hollow and share which golfers he’s […]

Today on the Brett Winterble Show Brett and callers discuss what they think are the primary motivators for people to seek out power in America and how Donald Trump has impacted that.  

Today Brett Winterble is in Washington D.C. for the “Hold Their Feet to the Fire” event and is joined by Act for America Chair Brigitte Gabriel to talk about the border issue and importance of legal immigration. Gabriel talks about her experience immigrating to the United States and the value of what she learned as […]

As the November elections approach The Brett Winterble Show talks with J. Christian Adams of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights to talk about election integrity. Adams talks about some of the problems facing certain states as well as the potential impact of the migrant problem at the border on the elections and share an […]

Today on the Brett Winterble Show we catch up with WBT host and reporter Brett Jensen from Quail Hollow Club to talk about the upcoming President’s Cup golf tournament. Jensen talks about about just how big this tournament feels and the number of United States President’s expected to make an appearance + share the rookie […]

Welcome to another week of the Brett Winterble Show and another edition of “Crossing the Streams” with Good Morning BT host Bo Thompson. Brett and Bo talk about the historic significance of covering an event like Queen Elizabeth’s funeral this morning as well as how the world feels regarding King Charles as his reign begins […]

We kick off this week on the Brett Winterble Show talking about the Royal Funeral for Queen Elizabeth II this morning. Brett reflects on the Queen’s legacy and highlights the values that allowed her and the Royal Family as a whole to reign over England for as long as they have + how those same […]