Gordon Chang (author of The Coming Collapse of China) joined Brett Winterble to discuss the growing tensions between China and Taiwan. Chang explains what he sees as the reasons for China’s actions as well as the supposed “real democracy,” that the Chinese and Russians said they are working towards together. He also shares his thoughts […]

The cavalry is not coming. You heard me the cavalry is not coming. We the People have been told for the better part of 80 85 years that if something bad happens, the government is going to be there to help you fix it. Now I know if you look back for the last 22 […]

All right, imagine you’re laying in a bed many, many years from now and you’re dying, you know, the end is near, think back about all the things that you would have liked to have accomplished. But maybe you have it, writing a book, taking a trip, looking into your family’s history, starting a foundation […]

What’s concerning me right now? Inflation, gas prices, the ability to work one job and provide for my family. All that sort of stuff is hugely important. Every one of you has connection to an employed person, I’m sure even if you’re retired, you may have kids that are working. You may have spouses, neighbors, […]

Monday will be Memorial Day, and that is the day that we commemorate and celebrate and honor those men and women who sacrificed literally everything for this constitutional republic. And I find myself thinking, here we are just a little bit over a month away from the Fourth of July, and the birth of our […]

I want to talk about this ongoing mess in Texas, we’ve had now two press conferences in two days. And if it’s possible, we have seen these people bringing the information out to the press into the rest of the world, actually making it worse. I don’t understand the way these law enforcement officers appear, […]

Coach Matt Doherty is back on the Brett Winterble flexing his basketball history knowledge as a caller tries to stump him with a trivia question + discuss his place in UNC basketball history.

The President says we’re in transition, so says the President while we’re overseas. We are very well aware of that Mr. President. These are people that are not motivated by good intentions. Those are people who are motivated by politics. The reality is, I have yet to come across anybody who thinks that it’s okay […]

His nickname is Beto, his father was Irish. He’s, he’s not he’s not Hispanic. And he likes to sort of trade on the ambiguity of maybe being down for the struggle except for the fact that he’s married into an immense amount of money. In the in the city of El Paso, a land developer, […]

We seem to get together on a regular basis and note the failings of our society and our best efforts to try to keep our children safe. We work overtime and trying to protect people overseas Ukraine and beyond. And we do a really poor job of protecting our children right here at home. When […]