J. Christian Adams of the Public Interest Legal Foundation joined Brett Winterble to discuss a win for those in favor of voter identification laws in North Carolina in the N.C. Supreme Court. Adams explained how the North Carolina legislature decided to push for the power to assist the Attorney General in defending the voter ID […]

“Thank you Justice Clarence Thomas” That is the message from Brett Winterble as the Supreme Court rules that many of New York’s gun control laws are unconstitutional and why this is a win for YOU as a lawful gun owner. Brett also explains why the government currently has a “monopoly on safety,” and outlines how […]

Jeffrey Lord returns to the Brett Winterble Show to discuss the “Tax Holiday” on gas prices President Biden announced, including why he thinks the idea is little more than a Band-Aid + the other things he could do to help the issues as well as Lord’s predictions for the 2022 Primary Elections.

Today, we’ve got the big announcement. Oh my gosh, the President of the United States has got a brand new plan to battle inflation. And what he’s going to do is he’s gonna put more money into your pockets. I know, I know. It sounds counterintuitive. It sounds like something kooky. And I’ll break that […]

Brett Winterble and Bo Thompson of “Good Morning BT with Bo Thompson and Beth Troutman,” for another edition of Crossing the Streams! Brett and Bo discuss the oppressive heat and how they deal with it, including the silent battle that he wages with is wife + the strategy behind airing the January 6th hearings and […]

Access to education, regardless of religious affiliation, is a right that belongs to every American and today the Supreme Court of the United States made a major decision in favor of school choice for parents and children as they rule tuition assistance programs aren’t allowed to discriminate based on the religious affiliation of the schools.

We’re all human and today on “Breaking with Brett Jensen,” we learned today that Brett is one of us after a headline from a local news source trips him up after announcing that American Airlines would be suspending access to some “major airports,” — but instead referred to an old story which included places like […]

Columnist Gordon Chang is back on The Brett Winterble Show to share what is going wrong with the Chinese economy and why those problems could eventually become your problems. Change and Winterble discuss the many specific issues facing Chinese President Xi Jinping as well as how he might react to them as he pursues his […]

The average American does not want to see the country fail. The elites want to see the country fail, because the elites believe that if America gets taken down a number of pegs, there will be a greater need for the elites to come in and take that wheel from you people and put it […]

Former White House Deputy Press Secretary for President Donald Trump Hogan Gidley joined the Brett Winterble show and got the conversation started with his thoughts on the armed person found on Brett Kavanaugh’s property. After talking about the incident Gidley explained the line between First Amendment rights and crime, as well as the responsibility of […]