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Check out the latest edition of “Crossing The Streams” on The Brett Winterble Show as Good Morning BT host Beth Troutman stops by to talk Taylor Swift and Threads. Brett and Beth have fun with a story about Stanford University offering a class on Taylor Swift lyrics as well as some Big & Rich trivia […]

On this Wednesday edition of The Brett Winterble Show Brett kicks things off by looking back at The 4th of July and and explain why it is one of his favorite holidays and take the opportunity to share what he thinks makes the United States of America the nation it is + dive into the […]

The Coach Matt Doherty makes his weekly appearance on The Brett Winterble Show and The Coach and Brett talk for the first time since Brett’s trip to Italy with WBT listeners! Brett shares how the trip came about and what it was like to go abroad with YOU before diving into the highlights of the […]

Today on the Brett Winterble Show we’re joined by J. Christian Adams of The Public Interest Legal Foundation to talk about the situation at the United States’ southern border and how “motor voter” laws  play a role in the elections at every level. Brett and Adams dive into what motor voter laws actually are, the […]

Brett opened talking about the SCOTUS rulings and how we need to determine our personality as a country. Jim from San Diego added his unique perspective in the last segment. In the second hour, more on not being ashamed to exhibit patriotism. In the last segment, Jefferey Lord, from the American Spectator stops by to […]

Jefferey Lord, writer for The American Spectator, talks with Brett about the what the recent SCOTUS decisions mean for the country.

Jim from San Diego calls in to welcome Brett back from his trip and talks about the SCOTUS decisions as only Jim can provide.

Vince Coakley fills in. The first hour was a discussion of the supreme court rulings on LGBT and student loans. Hour two included discussions about the new NC abortion law. In hour three Ken Coleman, from Ramsey Solutions joined to discuss the student loan ruling. In hout four Wil Riley stopped by to talk about […]

Pete Kaliner, Chad Adams and Brett Jensen fill on today’s show.

Pete Kaliner, Brett Jensen, and Coach Matt Doherty fill in for Brett Winterble