Brett Jensen previews Mecklenburg County’s decision on whether or not to lift the mask mandates.

Mark Garrison reports on several restaurants with low health scores. Producer T.J. reviews a hidden gem near the airport.

Jeffery Lord calls in and sheds light on the latest from the Canadian trucker protests, and U.S. Politics.

Brett is joined by Aaron Solomon to discuss the ongoing tension between The Canadian government and her trucker citizens.

Brett Jensen joins the show to break down the possible end to Mecklenburg’s mask mandate. He also talks about the CATS bus driver who was tragically killed over the weekend.

The Archdiocese of San Francisco, Father Bill Nicholas, calls in to discuss the current COVID mandates, and a post lockdown world.

Parents are getting creative in exploiting legal loopholes to remove disappointing school board members from office.

Brett gives his thoughts on Capitol Police illegally searching Republican offices in our nations capitol.

Brett recaps some back forth between some the best of generation x.

Brett Winterble is joined by Brett Jensen to discuss the stunning renovations made to the Charlotte FC Stadium!