The Coach is back with Brett to share his thoughts on Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter and the potential impact of the purchase as well as react to President Joe Biden’s most recent comments on education in America and what makes America great.  

Gordon Chang joins Brett Winterble to discuss the current situation in China.

Brett Jensen joins Brett Winterble to recap the Democratic Sheriff’s debate and explain the key takeaways from David Tepper’s latest media availability.

Brett Winterble discusses The President’s outburst at Vice President Harris + shares his take on the current state on the Russian war with Ukraine.

Brett Winterble and Steve Moore of the Committee to Unleash Prosperity do their best to make sense of the President’s newly announced energy policies.

Bo Thompson joins the show for Friday’s Crossing the Streams segment to take a look at the headlines, preview Monday’s show, and break news of revealing photos of a congressional candidate. 

‘Breaking’ Brett Jensen shares some of the details and future plans of the now failed Panthers’ headquarters in Rock Hill.

Brett Winterble shares his take on using gender neutral terms and avoiding words like “guys.”

Brett  interviews Colonel Thomas J Gordon (USMC) Ret., about his new Book, Marine Maxims Turning Leadership Principles into Practice Marine Maxims is a collection of fifty principle-based leadership lessons that Thomas J. Gordon acquired commanding Marines over a career spanning three decades of service. Dealing with the complexities and challenges of the contemporary operating environment requires an internal moral […]

Brett shares a post from The Federalist’s Scott Powell.