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We’re  joined once again by Good Morning BT host Beth Troutman for another episode of Crossing The Streams on The Brett Winterble Show. Brett starts the segment by talking with Beth about the reopening of Fury 325 at Carowinds after weeks of repairs before Beth shares one of her biggest fears that is also something […]

Happy Hump Day on The Brett Winterble Show! Brett starts the show with a conversation about how he thinks the foundation for the problems facing America today we’re set years ago and what the point of that is + takes your calls on the matter. Brett then dives into a story about materials found at […]

Tune in here as Brett shares what could be a (perhaps literally) Earth shattering story. Brett tells a story he came across about researchers claiming to have found proof of alien life and technology at the bottom of the ocean. Brett explains why he thinks this could be a legitimate story given the recent hearings […]

Tune in here for a Tuesday edition of The Brett Winterble Show! Brett begins the show by talking about the media overhyping the importance of individual elections + what issues he thinks the 2024 Presidential election will hinge on. Brett also shares his thoughts on President Joe Biden’s plans to cancel student loan debt and […]

Listen here as we’re joined once again by our China policy expert Gordon. G Chang on The Brett Winterble Show. Gordon and Brett start the conversation talk about an incursion off of Alaska involving Russia and China. Gordon shares some details about what exactly the two countries did as well as the messaging behind the […]

Happy Monday from The Brett Winterble Show! Brett starts the week by talking about a potential problem that would come up if former President Donald Trump is convicted and sentenced to prison + his thoughts on what authoritarianism looks like and why gas prices are back on the rise. We also talk about a bad […]

We’re joined by Bo Thompson of Good Morning BT for the first Crossing the Streams of the week! Bo and Brett talk about the legacy of charity at WBT and the United States Women’s National Team crashing out of the FIFA World Cup. Brett starts things off by asking Bo about the annual Claire’s Army […]

Listen here as we’re joined by friend of the program and former White House Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley on The Brett Winterble Show to talk about a big week in the news regarding former President Donald Trump. Hogan and Brett talk about what has played out in Washington D.C. with former President Donald Trump’s […]

Welcome to this Thursday edition of The Brett Winterble Show! Brett starts things off with his thoughts on the coverage surrounding the legal issues of Donald Trump compared to other issues in the country and takes your calls about a program being offered by Duke Energy and the companies notice of rising costs in South […]

Tune in here to another edition of Crossing The Streams on The Brett Winterble Show with Beth Troutman from Good Morning BT! Beth and Brett talk about how the day’s news cycle is making Beth uneasy despite her normally optimistic outlook before she shares her thoughts on what she’s seen today from the latest Donald […]