Tonight on Breaking with Brett Jensen Brett heads to the polls and talks to John Bradford who is running for reelection for the North Carolina legislature. Bradford shares his thoughts on many issues facing the NC legislature as well as what it has been like visiting the polls everyday and what he’s seen there.

Today on the Breaking with Brett Jensen we get to know Mecklenburg County District 1 commissioner candidate Ross Monks at the Mallard Creek BBQ today.

Today on Breaking with Brett Jensen Brett talked with Bill Wood and Charles Kimrey — the co-directors of the 91st Mallard Creek BBQ. Brett talked to Bill and Charles about the importance of the event as well as the the turnout today relative to other years + the amount of food they sold before closing […]

Today on Breaking with Brett Jensen Brett sits down with CMS District 4 School Board candidate Clara Witherspoon. Brett asks Clara about what made her decide to run for school board, why she thinks she is suited to fix the problems and why she has faith in getting CMS back on track.

Today on Breaking with Brett Jensen we dive into the causes of CMS’ poor report card. Brett shares audio from a press conference with CMS Chief Accountability Officer Frank Barnes who explains how they plan to get “get back to being better,” before contextualizing the numerical results of the report and getting CMS Schoolboard Chair […]

Brett, along with Bo Thompson and Beth Troutman from Good Morning BT, catch up with Brett’s Ukrainian friend Alex as the war with Russia continues.

Ronda Cheek joins the show to talk about running for re-election in district 1. Listen Here:

With the Carolina Panthers struggling and legal issues surrounding the Charlotte Hornets, some are wondering if this is the worst time ever for Charlotte sports. Today on Breaking with Brett Jensen Brett explains why in his opinion it isn’t even close.

Today on Breaking with Brett Jensen we discuss the continued ramifications of “This Book is Gay” appearing in a CMS classroom. Brett refreshes your memory with our original story about the issue + sits down with Congressman Dan Bishop to talk about his initial reaction to the story, what he thinks about CMS’ reaction to […]

Today on Breaking with Brett Jensen we share an update to the story at a CMS school about a book called “This Book is Gay.” Brett shares how one parent took the CMS school board to task over the matter + what she had to say to him about why she felt the need to […]