In an interview with CNN, President Joe Biden said he would not provide the military support that Congress approved for Israel if its military goes into Rafah to root out the leaders of the terrorist organization Hamas.

On Capitol Hill, Republican Senators hold a news conference tearing into President Joe Biden over his plan to withhold military support for Israel - after pushing to get Congressional approval.

Welcome to this Hump Day edition of the Vince Coakley Radio Program!

Pete reads through all the messages that he has irresponsibly neglected for the first two hours of the show. Plus, a North Carolina school district is sued after it suspended a student for asking a benign question with the term "illegal alien" in it.

Mark Starling from WWNC in Asheville joins me to discuss the formal proposal for reparations in Asheville, plus the status of the decade-long dismantling of the Vance monument.

British pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca withdraws its COVID-19 shot, citing lack of demand. But it also acknowledged that its shot carries a rare risk of side effects. 

The trial over North Carolina's voter ID law is underway. The NAACP is trying to block the law from being in effect for the November election. 

Nick Craig, morning host at WAAV in Wilmington, NC has details on a UNC Chapel Hill instructor who is holding students' grades hostage unless the school administration re-instates all suspended pro-Hamas students.

After the huge success of school vouchers in North Carolina, state lawmakers are looking to boost funding to clear the waiting list. Democrats complain about the funding being "siphoned" from public schools - although it is not. The real worry is that the political Left will lose control of the educational institutions and their curricula.

Tune in here for this Tuesday edition of the Vince Coakley Radio Program! NTSB releases report about the crash of WBTV's helicopter. Israeli's take control of the Rafa border. Chicago police clean out University of Chicago protestors. Also, guest Wayne Jacobsen for the full 11:00 hour talking about life, love, and restoring a broken marriage.