North Carolina's political parties are seeing shifts in membership and party ideals - with parental rights driving a lot of energy for the Republicans. Democrats, meanwhile, have been penalizing their own lawmakers who break ranks on school choice.

The McClatchy newspaper's columnist Ned Barnett wonders "Where have all the Democrats gone?"

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Charlotte residents have been weighing in on the proposed $650 million renovation deal for Bank of America stadium. But the major focus of the opposition seems to be directed at the team owner, David Tepper.

North Carolina Congressman Dan Bishop, who is also running for NC Attorney General, is disturbed by the exclusive report by The Daily Caller News Foundation about an encrypted online forum run by a self-described Chinese Communist Party police agent to help flood the southern US border. He also opposes President Joe Biden's plan to give amnesty to illegal immigrants and would sue on behalf of the state, if elected as Attorney General.

An unauthorized immigrant from El Salvador who fled that country after murdering a woman has been arrested in the rape and murder of a Maryland mother. The arrest comes just as President Joe Biden, whose policies have led to a flood of immigration in the last three years, is set to announce a new amnesty for more than one million immigrants.

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A TikTok influencer mom sparked outrage when she listed all the things she refuses to do for her husband - from laundry to making dinner. Plus, may on hot dogs is the new trend!

Day cares and the NC Chamber of Commerce are lobbying state lawmakers to spend $300 million to replace expiring COVID pandemic funds. Pete has some better solutions.

The UN's nuclear watchdog , the International Atomic Energy Agency, says Iran "has started up new cascades of advanced centrifuges and plans to install others in the coming weeks after facing criticism over its nuclear program," according to the Associated Press.