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Wall Street Journal writer and author of Visible Hand Matthew Hennessy joined Brett Winterble to talk about the inspiration for his book on economics for beginners, what he hopes readers will take away from his book + his take on if the market can be managed and what happens when people try. Purchase Hennessy’s book […]

North Carolina media reports that the Republican-led legislature could be debating – and approving – a bill to expand Medicaid. The GOP has refused to do so for a decade, citing the budgetary and regulatory impacts.

I want to start with something I want to go back to the days of the ancients. I want to go back to the days with the with Nero and Caligula and Augustus Caesar and all those, all those sorts of folks, there’s a term that’s thrown around a lot, especially on days like today, […]

It is the quintessential government move to claim credit for airlifting not-enough baby formula to combat a shortage that was largely created by government.

Democrats have trafficked in disinformation about election integrity laws passed in the wake of the pandemic – where states relaxed rules. Turnout in the GA primary today proves the laws are not “suppression.”

Think about what we’re facing in this world today, this crazy world, you got the Russians, you got the chai coms, you’ve got monkeypox, you’ve got all of it. What are you going to do to survive? We’ll try a little negative visualization. It was a technique used by the stoics. Back in the ancient […]

Republican strategist John Steward joined Brett Winterble to talk about the recent primary elections and share what he’s found to be the most important issues from “people on the ground,” the importance of the judges race and discuss the upcoming Republican Family Values Summit featuring Mike Pence, Ted Budd and more. You can go […]

Join us on Charlotte at 6 for another week of Wacky News featuring obsolete technology, controversial beer can art and unique camping equipment!

John Paul Mac Isaac joined The Brett Winterble Show to talk about his journey as the guy who made the Hunter Biden laptop public. John Paul has faced an avalanche of criticism, threats and of course character assassination in the years following. One of the things that is most striking about the conversation is his […]

Today Brett looks at the incredible full court press coming out from the usual sort of suspects who are jumping in and talking about how well you know, a recession is not inevitable and we could beat this recession. And we’re totally perfectly set to be a part of the recession. Nothing to see here, […]