There have been 84 murders in Charlotte this year at the time of this post. On this National Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims, CMPD had a special ceremony. Mark Garrison talks with a grieving mom about how she thinks the problem should be addressed.

Ever heard of a ghost sign? Mark Garrison hadn’t either! So he caught up with a couple of Charlotteans whose passion is chasing down these windows into the past that display the history of American business.

Cabarrus Country School Board is trying to come up with a policy to give parents input over books their kids are exposed to. Mark Garrison speaks with school board member Laura Blackwell about where the controversy stands today.

On Tuesday protestors will ask the EPA to investigate Duke’s handling of coal ash and all the cancer cases on Lake Norman.

Mark Garrison reports on a Huntersville boy who was attacked by a bull shark in the Florida Keys — but never lost his faith and even began singing worship songs as he awaited treatment.

Police Chief Johnny Jennings tells City Council that his department couldn’t handle all of the calls from media — but we want to know why that means CMPD is now refusing to cooperate with reporters.

From the Triangle to Charlotte, North Carolina is on the cutting edge of innovations in heart transplants. Mark Garrison and Joe Gillispie explain how these advances are saving lives young and old.

There was an ugly scene Wednesday night at a Charlotte pizza restaurant when a meeting of concerned parents was disrupted and police were called. A group called Moms for Liberty booked the restaurant for a private event but a couple of loud activists showed up — Mark Garrison spoke with Pamela Grundy, one of the […]

Ignored emails and non-existent press conferences: these are the new norm as Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department is no longer answering questions from reporters unless they are positive for the department. Mark Garrison was called to a meeting to be given the new rules, which one respected criminologists calls nonsense.

Today on Charlotte at Six Mark Garrison is joined by WBT’s most frugal newsman Mark Mueller to debut a new segment “Mark Mueller’s Market Basket!” Mark and Mark talk about the best and worst deals in the Charlotte areas and share tips on how to get the most out of your grocery dollar!