Charlotte at Six

Meet a guy who’s developed a tasty sauce that goes on everything. And his parents . . . are crossing the state to get any store they can find to carry it . . . . . it’s even sold in barbershops. Great story of a family working together.

A controversial story-time is planned for this Thursday at a Charlotte high school. Some parents are upset that suggestive stories about gay and transgender kids will be read out-loud at Palisades high. Mark Garrison has been looking into the books….and what’s in them.

After 39-years, CMPD has finally solved a brutal double murder. Mark Garrison reports on yet another case solved years later with the help of DNA — this time with a twist.

As the General Assembly takes up a Parents Bill of Rights to let parents know what is happening in public school, Mark Garrison reports on the CMS Gender Support Plan. It allows kids to change gender at school without notifying the parents.

On this week’s edition of Success at Six Mark Garrison heads to a campground in Laurel Springs, North Carolina — where you can stay in a vintage camper, buy a 100-year-old wedding dress or peruse 30,000 albums!  

With the prices of eggs rising exponentially, many people are looking for ways to save some cash. Mark Garrison talks with “Homestead Jen” who has a unique way of solving the problem.

State Attorney General Josh Stein came out swinging as he announced his plans to run for Governor. Instead of touting his record, Stein blasted his likely opponent, the state’s first black Lt. Governor Mark Robinson a bigot.

The Town Manager in Matthews exposes police brass for fudging reports on crime statistics tonight with Mark Garrison on Charlotte at Six.

Charlotte City Councilman James “Smuggie” Mitchell tells our Mark Garrison that he’s embarrassed by all the negative attention he’s gotten over a stock deal. Now that he won’t be prosecuted, he’s breathing a sigh of relief.

The fight continues in Washington over the next House Speaker and Charlotte’s Dan Bishop is one of the leaders in the fight against Kevin McCarthy. Congressman Bishop joins Mark Garrison on Charlotte at Six to explain why.