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Tune in here to this Tuesday edition of Breaking With Brett Jensen!

Brett kicks off today’s show with a one on one sit-down interview with Republican Lieutenant Governor Candidate, Hal Weatherman, to better understand his platform. Hal discusses why he decided to run, pointing to his faith as a big influence on his decision. Weatherman also covers what the responsibilities of the Lieutenant Governor are. Weatherman covers what his priorities are if elected and his plan for achieving these goals. Listen here for a better understanding of who Hal Weatherman is and what he stands for!

In the second half of the show Brett shares an interview with Riley Gaines, former collegiate swimmer who has now dedicated herself to fighting against the invasion of women’s sports by transgender men. Gaines claims she isn’t doing this for any sort of personal gain, no future plans for a political or media career. She simply strives to save future generations from dealing with the same issues she faced during her collegiate career. Gaines has faced widespread protests against her message, yet she has never waivered in her dedication to preserving the sport she loves.