Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden Campaigns In Durham, NC

Source: Drew Angerer / Getty

President Joe Biden and North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper are working both sides of the COVID-19 argument when it comes to opening schools. In public, they’ve both urged the need for schools to be opened for regular business, but the reality is do they really?

Cooper is willing to say schools are essential and at the same time promoting virtual learning as a viable alternative to being in the classroom. Neither the Governor or Biden have presented a plan for full-time attendance in school.

Why not? Could it be they’re making money to play on both sides by the Teachers Union? If some students can be in school but others are kept online, who’s benefiting from all of this? It’s definitely not the students. Biden and Cooper are both in the pockets of the union to keep this narrative going that we need both a virtual option and in-person instruction.

This is the wrong message to send to students and teachers. The CDC says transmission of COVID-19 doesn’t happen in schools, but we’re not ushering students back into school over fear?

We need to start transitioning kids off the couch and back into the classroom ASAP. It’s time to break away from the Teachers Union and listen to those who’ve studied the science of the virus. And those who continue to profit from holding students hostage shouldn’t have a seat at the table.

Let’s have a real discussion about this and get back to common sense logic.