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Joe Person joins Breaking with Brett Jensen to talk about David Tepper’s press conference this morning.

Joe Person — the Panthers beat writer for “The Athletic,” — joins Brett to share their reactions to the way Tepper and the Panthers in general handled the press availability, what they thought about the brief nature of the conference (as well as who noticeably didn’t get to ask a question) and what they think is in store for the future of the franchise.

Brett also shares what he thinks surprised even Tepper in the press conference + Joe explains his theory for why it ended early and what he thought about Tepper’s answer to his question about if Tepper himself is the problem.

Finally Brett and Joe talk about where Tepper ranks amongst some of the other owners in the NFL + what they think about his comment regarding his patience outside of the world of football when talking about talent retention and if they feel like he took an appropriate amount of blame with the media today.