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Tune in here to listen to our latest visit with Gordon Chang about the upcoming UN Security Council meeting in New York City.

Brett and Gordon get the conversation started by discussing the United Nations meeting upcoming in New York City, including those who are going to be noticeably absent in Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping. Gordon explains some of the problems facing the United States as well as the United Nations ahead of the meetings.

They also dive into a talk about the F-35 airplane that went missing this weekend near Charlotte. Brett and Gordon talk about the different theories about what took so long for that particular aircraft in the air in the first place as well as if they think the Chinese are hoping to get ahold of the technology + Gordon then shares what he thinks President Joe Biden will focus on with his remarks to the United Nations.

Brett and Gordon talk about what they think will be the administration’s biggest talking points + why they think his priorities are in the wrong place.