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For The Home Depot’s Expert Elder John Gordon, late summer relaxation includes the Honey-Do List! And let us not forget Super-Freelancer & Co-host David Dovell, who’s favorite part of sitting in a beach chair is fixing any squeaks!

John & Dave know that a lot goes into maintaining your house, no matter how huge or humble. Fancy or not, it’s pretty easy to tell when a house is properly maintained. This week, our hosts look at the role organization plays in general cleanliness. Keeping things tidy can become a big part of keeping things simple.

John helped a neighbor fix a stripped hinge with glue & toothpicks, saving a door from Dave’s suggestion to just remove it. They even have a new list of things that can be cleaned with toothpaste (a different brush being a must). Seriously, you gotta hear this…

John & Dave are humbled to have served WBT listeners for a full one-quarter of the Heritage Station’s 101-year existence.