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Happy Hump Day on The Brett Winterble Show!

Brett gets you excited for tonight’s News & Brews event at Heist Brewery in Barrel Arts before sharing his thoughts on the Hunter Biden plea deal getting rescinded and how “bulletin board material,”  played a role + Caller Jim in San Diego is back to talk about the Oppenheimer movie after killing the show.

We’re also joined once again by The Coach Matt Doherty!

Brett and The Coach talk about RFK Jr.’s town hall with Sean Hannity and what it means for his popularity numbers as he challenges Joe Biden for the Democrat nominee for President in 2024 + Bo Thompson joins Brett and The Coach Matt Doherty for Crossing The Streams.

The guys talk about News and Brews, RFK Jr and the rest of the Presidential candidate field and the Hunter Biden plea deal problems + Coach talks about an article about him in the Charlotte Business Journal.