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WBT Podcast/ Weekend Program Update_RD Charlotte WBT-AM_January 2023

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“How many dads does it take to change a light bulb? No one really knows because the always raise the roofing by about 3 & a half feet & installing a couple of ceiling fans.”

It’s the third Saturday in July & John Gordon & Dave Dovell have taken the Home Improvement helm!

The rain has given the South welcome break in the heat. To escape the rain, John recommends seeing the movie “The Sound of Freedom”, but quickly turns his attention to his toolbox & checks for anything that might be missing from his “Cool Tools Top 10 List”.

Caller Steve is having problems with the stain on his porch columns fading. John offers advice to “delay the agony” while Dave recommends just building a new porch.

John shares details about a few “luxury tools” with the spotlight on The Home Depot Product of the Week: The Milwaukee Lazar Distance Meter. Light up your life starting at a little over one hundred dollars.