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On this Wednesday edition of The Brett Winterble Show Brett kicks things off by looking back at The 4th of July and and explain why it is one of his favorite holidays and take the opportunity to share what he thinks makes the United States of America the nation it is + dive into the drama at The White House involving “Cocaine-gate.”

We’re joined by J. Christian Adams of The Public Interest Legal Foundation to talk about the situation at the United States’ southern border and how “motor voter” laws  play a role in the elections at every level. The Coach Matt Doherty makes his return to talk about “Bidenomics,” and explain Coach’s nickname for Joe Biden + they also talk about where Brett is planning on going next year, invites The Coach (and you) to join him once again and The Coach explains why the trip upset him before talking about the fun he had on air with Breaking Brett Jensen in Winterble’s absence.