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Monday (6/5) morning around 11:30AM people around the world who use Outlook for emailing started to realize it was not working correctly.

The server kept showing signs of:

  • Slow loading
  • Emails not sending after composed
  • Buttons not being available to press

You can check up on the current status of Outlook by using

Currently (June 5th, 11:49AM) the status bar reads. It is not just you. The server is not responding…

Other notes the status bar has read since crashing is, Under Maintenance.

No timetable has been announced on when Outlook will be up but you can check for yourself by continuing to refresh the page or keep checking

A few precaution steps to follow after an email crashing:

  • Exit out of your current window and start a fresh one
  • Take note of any emails that you sent out after 11AM on 6/5 and make sure those emails went through and made it to its destination.
  • Review your inbox thoroughly to make sure nothing was missed.

UPDATE: Outlook has now been back up since 12:02PM


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