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Senator John Fetterman was hard to watch while being questioned at the Senate Banking Committee hearing on Tuesday.

He stumbled and stammered through the questions so bad if people did not know any better, they would have thought Joe Biden was speaking.

Senator Fetterman had a stroke in May of last year, and he is not okay. Watch the video below to see.

Watch the latest video at foxnews.comIf you did not watch the video, there is a part where Senator Fetterman tried to say, “You can crash our economy and still get bailed out isn’t that astonishing? Republicans have work requirements for people who want to get SNAP benefits but no work requirements for you.”

There are no difficult words in those two sentences. An average, everyday middle schooler could say that statement with no issues.

The other problem with that statement is that it is a guess on what he was trying to say. That is a major issue. Americans should not have to wonder and try to figure out what any member of congress is trying to say.

Senator Fetterman is not okay, and the Democratic Party sees nothing wrong with him. They have no struggle in watching him limp through statements.

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