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Teenage girls (15-17) in high school locker room

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The state Senate approved a bill this week that would restrict transgender females from participating on female sports teams in North Carolina schools, AP News report.

The passage suggests that the General Assembly will work out a final solution in the coming weeks that would limit athlete involvement and submit it to Gov. Roy Cooper, who is a strong advocate of LGBTQ+ rights.

A similar bill was approved by the House on Wednesday. Legislators who support the competing bills expressed optimism that differences might be worked out.

Politicians shouldn’t be involved in these decisions, according to Cooper’s office, which bashed the bill.

After a former House Democrat switched parties earlier this month, the GOP now has veto-proof majorities in both the Senate and the House. According to the voting margins on the floor this week, any Cooper veto might be overridden.

Sen. Natalie Murdock, a Durham County Democrat said, “This bill does nothing to make our schools safer or help our students to succeed. “Unfortunately, here we go again, waging culture wars with targets on the backs of children.”

Forsyth County Republican, Sen. Joyce Krawiec believes, “We want to protect women’s sports. We want our women and our girls to be able to compete against each other, and may the best girl or woman win.”


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