The White House has been silent about the Chinese spy balloon and 3 other unidentified objects that were shot down over the last week. NBC News reports:  

There are many theories but precious few answers after the U.S. downed three unidentified airborne objects in as many days over the weekend. 

Now the White House — under fire for a lack of transparency about the incursions — must contend with frustrated lawmakers and a mystified public amid the Biden administration’s failure to launch a coherent communications strategy about the shootdowns. 

With fighter jets downing unknown objects over U.S. territory, the White House has revealed little about what precisely is happening and whether the country is under threat. Are the objects harmless weather balloons or spy craft sent by foreign powers bent on doing Americans harm? President Joe Biden hasn’t said. In the absence of hard facts, uninformed speculation is filling the information vacuum, including whether the objects are visiting space aliens. 

Also, when will the government stop overspending?  

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