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From the Carolina Journal:

Two weeks before they’re set to lose their majority, N.C. Supreme Court Democrats issued rulings Friday striking down the state’s photo voter identification law and the election map used for state Senate races.

Both rulings featured party-line 4-3 splits, with the court’s four Democrats outvoting their three Republican colleagues.

Voters unseated one of those Democrats in the Nov. 8 election and elected Republicans to fill both his seat and an open seat. The state Supreme Court will have a 5-2 Republican majority in January.

Democratic Justice Anita Earls wrote the majority opinion in Holmes v. Moore. The decision throws out North Carolina’s 2018 voter ID law. Earls and fellow Supreme Court Democrats affirmed a three-judge trial court’s 2-1 ruling that the law discriminated against black voters. Two Democratic judges overruled a Republican colleague.

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