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I don’t know when we decided as a culture and as a country, what have you to punish success to punish success. And the reason why I raised this in this way, and it’s an important point I think we as a country, and as a culture once upon a time celebrated successful people celebrated the Rockefellers, the Gettys, the Vanderbilts the Hershey’s Milton Hershey, celebrated Harley Davidson, as a brand celebrated the things that added value to our lives, we celebrated those things. I don’t remember once, sitting at my kitchen table as a kid growing up in the 70s, or the 80s hearing my parents say this, this General Mills food, this Hershey bar, this, this thing that we I these these people are terrible, they need to be put out of business.
I don’t remember that at all. Maybe some of you some of the people that know Hippies were a part of that vibe. I was not a part of that vibe. I was not a part of that vibe. I have made a point with my kids, to take them and show them things that are aspirational neighborhoods with beautiful houses, beachfront property, the mountains, and the things that are out there that people are able to enjoy because I don’t want my children to grow up as resentful people I want them motivated to go pursue those things.

I’m not talking about, “Hey, I gotta have a $5,000 jacket that I’m paying for with a credit card.” I’m talking about the stuff of substance, stuff of substance. One of the people that I think has so much substance is, of course, a man that I have respected for many, many years.
And that’s Dr. Ben Carson.
Dr. Ben Carson.
I don’t see a single solitary downside to Dr. Ben Carson. I don’t think he’s a craven, man. I don’t think he’s an evil man. I think he’s a good guy. I think he’s a hero. Detroit is removing Dr. Ben Carson’s name from a school saying he doesn’t meet the standard. Carson, whose education started in the Detroit Public School System, said the move is another example of a canceled culture that will destroy us as a nation if we do not rein it in. Cancel culture is alive and well. It’s infiltrating political correctness wokeness canceled culture.
This is going to destroy us as a nation if we don’t get a grip on it. Carson told the national desk. Carson recently appeared on Fox News to discuss how the school’s decision to drop his name is an example of the very sad point America has reached where the political ideology of Trump’s the whole purpose of an educational institution. And that’s because the teachers who are controlling the schools in places like Detroit, are I’m sure not the best possible teachers you could get access to. I’m willing to believe that Carson’s former HUD staffers recently penned an op-ed, condemning the school’s decision to remove Carson’s name.
Carson made the point by saying, we’re seeing this wokeness spreading throughout our community to the destruction of our community. How does it do any good for us to demonize people with whom we disagree, and teach that our children at a time when math scores are down, reading scores are down academic performance is down? How do we remedy this? The reason we adorn our buildings with the names of heroes, the staffers of Ben Carson wrote is to continually remind us of their examples.