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I’m still trying to make sense of this. Brittney Griner for Viktor Bout boot, whatever. However pronunciation is I don’t really care, frankly, the guy’s a murdering dirtbag. And it’s interesting because it continues to be the fixation for the press. Because this is about the Biden administration making a deal to get Brittney Griner home.

And that not getting Paul Whelan back who? My gosh, you would think Paul Whelan is somehow become the second coming of Kyle Rittenhouse. I mean, just the way the idiots on the cable channels talk about this guy who got a dishonorable discharge.

So yeah, so he shouldn’t be in Russia for 25 years.

That’s totally justified if you’re any kind of a but no, you’re not you’re not a patriot. The people in the press do not represent the people of the United States. They don’t represent the United States. They represent their own corporate interests. And I’m reminded of that very important quote from Lord Palmerston.

You probably know the quote, you may not know it’s Lord Palmerston. But remember, it was Lord Palmerston, back in the middle of the 19th century, declaring, therefore I say that it is narrow policy to suppose that this country, or that is to be marked out as the eternal ally, or perpetual enemy of England. We have no eternal allies. And we have no perpetual enemies. Our interests are eternal and perpetual. And those interests, it is our duty to follow.

I liked that quote, a lot. Because in so many ways, Lord Palmerston is right.

We don’t have countries that are permanent allies or permanent enemies. We’ve had countries that were allies, that became enemies, Iran, we’ve had countries that were enemies, Vietnam, who can’t call them an ally, but we’re certainly not having hostilities. And we’re certainly, you know, respectful of what it is that they’re doing in that country. And we do business with that country now. Germany, right, Germany, Germany, just started the business with us back during the American Revolution, when they sent the Hessians in as as mercenary mercenaries to try to terrorize the the Americans who were fighting for their independence. And then we didn’t go to war with the Germans for a long time. And then we went to war with the Germans in World War One and World War Two, and they’ve been allies, since so there are no permanent allies, there are no permanent enemies, things change.

It’s a fluid situation, it’s the one part of federal policy that I think should be regarded as fluid. If you’re going to be cool with us, we’re going to be cool with you. If you’re going to be jerks with us. We’re going to jerk your chain, you’re going to be sorry, don’t do that. But you know, there’s another famous quote from Lord Palmerston. That’s incredible. And that you you almost never hear referenced.

I mean, I don’t know under what circumstances you could actually, you know, have it referenced. I mean, it wouldn’t come up in a dinner chat, no doubt, unless you’re talking to some people that are really smart about foreign policy. But you know, this is a quote, this is a this is an amazing quote from Lord Palmerston. The policy and practice of the Russian government has always been to push forward its encroachments as fast and as far as the apathy or want a firmness of other governments would allow it to go, but always to stop and retire, when it met with decided resistance, and then wait for the next favorable opportunity. That that is from like, two centuries ago, and he’s got Vladimir Putin.

Exactly dead to right. I mean, think about that. That is absolutely incredible. He nailed them. He nailed them. But we don’t have context anymore. In our body politic. We don’t have context anymore. We don’t have intellect anymore. We don’t have Force of Will any longer we’ve stopped doing that. And if you want to know why, you have got what will likely be 3 million The illegals coming into the United States probably in the next 90 days, 180 days, six months. If you want to know why that is. It’s because nobody in the world today fears us.

They don’t fear the president. They don’t fear the vice president. Pay don’t fear. Ronnie Klain, they don’t I mean, think about the people that are the face of the government. The face of the government is the face of the government is the Democratic Party. For all intents and purposes. It’s Pelosi. It’s Schumer. It’s Fetterman. It’s Biden, who was Fetterman? Before Fetterman? Like he’s from Pennsylvania. Kamala Harris. Like those are the people you’re forward facing out to the world and saying, look at what we got. We got a murderer’s row right here. They will make you pay. No way. No way. Nobody’s afraid of us. Nobody is fearful of the United States and retribution.