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Peter Laffin at the Washington Examiner argues that the corporate media’s response to the release of damning internal documents from Twitter proves they are more interested in protecting entrenched power than committing acts of journalism.

The vicious and coordinated attacks by mainstream news figures against independent journalist Matt Taibbi in recent days reinforce an essential point about the American news media: they think we are all drooling idiots. Their response to Taibbi’s release of the Twitter Files, which details the company’s calculated suppression of a major news story in the run-up to the 2020 presidential election, underscores this exceedingly low estimation of its audience.

Outlets like MSNBC and the New York Times seem to hope the American public is ignorant of the fact that they got every aspect of the Hunter Biden laptop story wrong from the start. While real journalists tenaciously reported the facts, such as the New York Post’s Miranda Devine , a disinformation machine comprised of Biden campaign officials, intelligence officials, liberal journalists, and Twitter higher-ups (with the omission of former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, who was strangely left out of the loop) acted in brazen coordination to suppress the story.

Meanwhile, help is on the way for Hunter Biden!

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