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Could the murder of Charlotte activist, Kim Thomas, finally be solved? From the Charlotte Observer:

A prominent Charlotte defense attorney claims police have uncovered evidence that could finally solve one of the city’s most notorious criminal mysteries: Who committed the gruesome 1990 murder of Kim Thomas?

Now, David Rudolf wants a judge to order the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department to release what it knows about the case.

Thomas, a 32-year-old Charlotte activist, doctor’s wife and mother, was found inside her Cotswold home on July 27, 1990, handcuffed, her throat repeatedly slashed, her 10-month-old son in his crib nearby. Her death — and the prolonged failure of CMPD to find her killer — has reverberated through the city for decades.

Thirty-two years after Thomas’ killing, a highly unusual Mecklenburg County court filing on Wednesday offers new hope of closure.

In it, Rudolf reveals that he was recently told by an unnamed CMPD homicide detective that investigators have matched DNA found at the Thomas murder scene with Marion “Pool” Gales, a 60-year-old career criminal long linked to the stabbing, who is now serving a prison sentence for the killing of another woman.

In an effort to protect any ongoing police investigations connected to the Thomas case, Rudolf asked CMPD last month to reveal the new information only to Thomas’ family and her former husband, Ed Friedland. Four years after the killing, Friedland was charged with his wife’s murder. The charges were later dropped and never refiled.

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