Today on the Brett Winterble Show we’re joined by author and former associate political administrator for Ronald Regan to talk about the economy and future of oil in America.

Brett and Jeffery respond to President Biden’s comments yesterday about a possible tax increase on oil coming after discussing the profits of oil companies before discussing the real issues facing the economy that people care about.

“I think [oil companies] have a responsibility to act in the interest of their consumers, their community, and their country; to invest in America by increasing production and refining capacity,” Biden said. “Because they — they don’t want to do that. They — they have the opportunity to do that — lowering prices for consumers at the pump.”

Brett and Jeffery also talk about the possible consequences of going after large oil corporations and the impact it is having in places like Pennsylvania where fracking is often done + the another midterm race he has his eye on ahead of election day 1 week from now.