Overnight we had an interview take place with Jake Tapper, the president united states hit a bunch of different things. It absolutely ignored the border issue, which I guess you kind of had to ignore that issue if you were the president of the United States. Because let’s be honest, let’s be serious about this. The border is a you know what disaster, it is a complete and total disaster of epic proportions. I don’t know what the policy is supposed to be. I don’t know, the way out for this. I think it’s catastrophic. What we’re dealing with here. And it’ll only be known once we have a clearer picture of how many people have actually gotten into the country in an illegal fashion. I don’t believe it’s more than 15% that are legitimate refugees. At most, I think it’s probably closer to 7% that are actual refugees that are actually trying to seek refuge from persecution, all that sort of stuff.