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Politics is never conducted in a vacuum. You say something, there’s a reaction, somebody is offended, somebody is impacted, somebody has decided to take a counter position of some sort. And this has been made abundantly clear. As we look back to last weekend. Much was made about hurricane Ian and the impacts that we were going to see as a result of the storm coming in. But there was another storm that only flashed for a brief moment in time. And that storm was the storm involving vice president Kamala Harris, making an outstanding tour to Northeast Asia. You’ll recall, many of the pundits laughed this off, many of the critiquers laughed us off. I played the clip a couple of times, where vice president Kamala Harris, going to pay her respects to Shinzo Abe’s funeral there in Japan, stopping off in South Korea going to the DMZ and then of course, acknowledging it mistakenly, of course, we understand that, that the North Koreans were one of our long term allies. Well, you know, this is a real problem. Last week, Kamala Harris made a major blunder in calling North Korea our ally. And in the last 72 hours, they’ve replied by testing missiles, they’re shooting missiles at Japan.