Over the weekend, we see a clearly disconnected from reality Vice President of the United States on the border secure 100,000 dead from fentanyl border secure. Two-plus million people have come across the border secure.

And she says we need an amnesty now we need a pathway to citizenship, how about we start with we’ll secure the border. And then we look at maybe I think this is a reasonable fix working visas where these folks can work, but they’re gonna pay taxes, they’re gonna do all that kind of stuff.

And then after we do a background check on not just the 2 million that have come in under the Biden clause, but the 4 million others who have come in since like 2008. Then we’ll figure out who gets citizenship or not remember what happened with the Afghans?

Oh, and that brings me to the next thing: Joe Biden executed the surrender in Afghanistan. Donald Trump put the deal together, Joe Biden executed it in a horrible curative way.

And now we know that the Biden, Harris administration could be Biden, Obama, Biden, Harris administration, is looking to take a plea deal from the planners and envision errs, have the 911 attack. And they released that piece of information on September 11th. Why?

Because it was also the 10th anniversary of Benghazi, and they’d rather take the hit on 911 than on Benghazi, which is the 80% reason why Hillary Clinton didn’t get elected. General McKenzie General Kenneth McKenzie of the United States Army came forward and an interview over the weekend on Sunday shows and said, it’s only a matter of time until al Qaeda and ISIS reconstitute. And we knew that that was going to be the case. If the Taliban took over they’ve taken. It seems in so many ways. We’ve got the economy of 2007 and 2008. We’ve got the foreign policy of the Clinton years in the early and late 90s.

We are hurtling towards disaster.