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US President Biden in Philadelphia

Source: Anadolu Agency / Getty


If you thought Joe Biden was going to be the “uniter” he promised to be, Thursday’s speech in Philadelphia might have been shocking in its Nazi aesthetic and fascisty rhetoric. President Biden opted to cast half of Americans as enemies of democracy. Pro-lifers were tossed into the basket of deplorables, and labeled “extremists” who want to “take us backwards.”

Larry Alex Taunton wrote:

The blood red hues were no mistake. This was a call for blood—and a calculated provocation.

To hear their telling of it, MAGA Republicans “represent a clear and present danger to our democracy.” You would almost think these mostly middle class Americans are in the streets rioting, tossing Molotov cocktails through the windows of businesses, looting, burning cities, attempting assassinations of Supreme Court Justices, and, well, doing what Antifa and Black Lives Matter, the Brownshirt element of the Democrat Party, have been doing for years.

Last Thursday, Joe Biden let loose a harangue of fiery anti-MAGA—no, anti-American—rhetoric in front of Philadelphia’s historic Independence Hall. But this wasn’t the Independence Hall of your Schoolhouse Rock! youth. This was an Independence Hall illuminated in a hellish red as if the speech were being broadcast live from Dante’s Inferno. As darkly ominous silhouettes of Marines flanked Biden like white gloved demons, Biden shook his fists in a manner so reminiscent of Hitler that it alarmed some Jews.

Biden had an opportunity to try to heal our nation. He chose politics and demagoguery instead.