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Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools is apparently running employees through an online “implicit bias” test. Pete took the test (for the third time in his life), and learned he has no preference for either European Americans or African Americans. Of course, the Church of Wokism would deem this proof that a person “doesn’t see color” and is, therefor, still racist.

It’s a similar trap being used in our financial markets and corporate boardrooms to advance leftist policies using taxpayer money. It’s called ESG – which stands for Environment, Social Justice, and Governance.  Elected officials in 19 states are now looking at potential criminal violations by fund managers like Black Rock, Vanguard, and State Street that use ESG to, essentially, boycott companies.

And now there’s a competitor to the ESG collusion. Entrepreneur, author, and founder of Strive Asset Management Vivek Ramaswamy launched an energy index to combat ESG and boost U.S. energy production. He says it has already raised over $100 million.