For a talk show host to be able to talk about tax increases on a Monday is is really quite something, it shows you where we are in this country. You just witnessed what we could call the Great Biden train robbery that took place over the weekend.

But I don’t want to just pummel Biden over what’s going on here with this approach towards taxation, there’s one person who’s responsible for, and I’ll get to that in a quick second. The centerpiece and the bid of this $740 billion package that’s being talked about the most, if you’re on the left, and of course, is the climate change component, which is, I mean, I don’t know, take $100 bills, lay them on fire and throw them out of your car while you’re driving down 485. We have no idea what the long term impact is going to be of this package. But I can tell you what the short term impact is going to be from this package.

It is it is D Day. It is the landing on the beaches of Normandy for those who want to raise your taxes.

There is a world war three underway right now, in this country in a much of the developed world. And it is a war designed to destroy the middle class period, full stop the idea that we would have another 78,000, another 78,000 KGB agents getting hired by the federal government. And we call that a victory is shocking to me. shocking to me, I’ve got the sound. I’ve got the receipts to back it up as we go through the programming here today.

But let’s think about this for a quick second, we were told we were going to get $6 trillion in spending, and then we were going to get $3 trillion in spending and then $1 trillion in spending. And now we got $740 billion in spending and what the Schumer, Pelosi Biden triumvirate put together was a way to steal money out of your pocket. Oh, you want to buy an EV we’ll give you some credits. But first, you got to buy an $80,000 car, Oh, you want solar and you want solar credits. First, you got to sign up for 35 years of payments.

And then at the end of the life of the company, you’ll have to figure out a way to dispose of this toxic waste that’s now sitting on the roof of your home. This is a giveaway for wealthy people.

I know there gonna be people who want to call up and say, Brett, You’re crazy. You’re out of your mind. You don’t know what you’re talking about. This is this is good for the climate. How? How does sending $750 billion fight climate change? How does it do that? Like Chuck Schumer can’t explain that to you? Because he’s he’s a slimy New York politician. Along with all the other slimy New York and California and Illinois politicians.

They just want to crush the middle class. They don’t like that you voted for Donald Trump back in 2016. They don’t like that you got tax relief that you were concerned about the border. They don’t like anything about you. This is about retribution. This is about retribution.

So let’s go back to the idea of 78,000 KGB agents now running around in our country, looking at people’s tax returns. Alright, let’s look at that for a quick second. We’re told that this is going to be the secret to closing the deficit know the way you close the deficit as you limit your spending. Limit your spending is how you close the deficit. Okay, you’re hearing beeping and begging. It’s because I’m scoring so many points in this opening monologue.

You you get rid of the deficit by reducing your spending, not by hiring IRS agents.