I want to take a different swing at what it is we’ve been talking about. And it’s this issue involving, obviously, the mutant in Highland Park. But there’s a bigger metaphor for what it is that we’ve seen happen here that I think we got to dive into, okay, what are we essentially trying to do with red flag laws? Like what exactly are we trying to do when it comes to handling these horrible situations before they erupt before they explode? And I think it’s readily apparent and easy to understand what it is we’re talking about here. We’re essentially talking about the need to preempt criminality before it happens. Right? You think about sort of a criminal disruption where you want to disrupt the crime itself. Now, do you remember last week, when I was sharing with you the notions of why it is we are unable to ensure our citizens are as safe as they ought to be because of the actions of district attorneys in different cities that don’t want to bring charges against criminals who are actually out there raping, murdering, robbing, carjacking, that you name it, there are district attorneys who have gotten elected with the strict purpose of being breaking the system. This long predates BLM, or any of the other stuff that we’ve seen in the last two or three years. This is a worldview called. It’s called Marxist criminology. And the baseline of Marxist criminology is very simple. It says that when you pass laws, to arrest people, for rape, for murder, for theft, for carjacking, for any of those things, drug dealing, when you do that, you are essentially putting these people under your boot heel, in the capitalist system, that’s really what it comes down to. That the whole purpose of enforcing laws is a means to oppress the lowest classes, the lower classes, the poor people out there. So if you’re poor, and you go into a neighborhood, and you get shot dead by another poor person, that person shouldn’t go to jail, because when you put people in jail, what you’re really doing is you’re advancing the capitalist narrative. It’s a communist ideology that we’re looking at battling.