I’m continuing to ponder this psychopathic vicious, nasty demonic mutant killer from Highland Park, Illinois.
And the story that continues to come out about this guy is absolutely shocking on so many levels. But the thing that keeps hanging up with me sticking with me in my mind is how it is that this freak this mutant could possibly keep his act together during the period of time in which he’s trying to purchase a firearm.
Now I’ve purchased firearms, I’ve purchased a number of firearms.
And I have seen while being in a gun store, people getting a run for the next check. People looking to purchase a firearm, and I have seen people turned down and it wasn’t because the next check, they were turned down because they said something that made the gun store owner uneasy. They made some kind of a remark or a crack or, or something like that, that just was really out of place. And felt, you know, freaky for the gun store owner.

In fact, there was a gun store that I frequented back in SoCal, that was owned by a former cop. And that cop had in his gun store, a dog, a German shepherd. And I know for a fact because I was witness to this, that on at least one occasion if the dog didn’t like the guy who was buying the gun, he canceled the transaction. Now you can sit back and go Well, that’s, that’s it’s terrible. You got a right to keep and bear arms.
But you don’t have a right to necessarily buy a gun from a particular person. Especially if they feel like there’s spidey senses are going up on their neck. And they don’t know what’s gonna end up happening. So when I look at this guy, and look at the videos, I hear the stories of the kind of stuff that he was involved in knives, swords, threatening to kill himself, threatening to kill everybody in the family, all that good stuff.
And I sit back and say, Wait, hold on a second. Hello? Is this guy some kind of a criminal genius? I mean, I always think about like Charlie Manson. You know, Charlie Manson is pretty much like central casting. Psychopath right. I mean, you see Charlie Manson and you go, that’s the guy wouldn’t sell a gun to that’s a guy who just kind of comes off as an I’m talking pre swastika on the forehead here, folks. But I look at this and I say when so is this guy able to like a diabolical genius, keep his act together. While it is that he’s trying to conduct the sale of the firearm. His father was alleged to have been a party to the sale either he vouched for them or CO signed or whatever they do in Illinois.
I don’t frankly understand what goes on in Illinois. But the father was obviously aware of the weapon. Does the father not see the guy and be like, you know, you’re like the last person that I want to have a gun.
Sorry. Not vouching for you. Not helping you get this firearm.