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Today was a day of decisions around the state and country and on “Breaking with Brett Jensen” we make sure you get up to date on all the rulings as well as the context in which they were made and what the decisions mean for you.

First, Brian Murphy of WRAL joins the show to break down the N.C. House vote on legalizing sports gambling in the state, saying he was pretty surprised by the decision but admitted he did see some concerning signs as the vote approached.

“They don’t usually bring a bill to the floor that doesn’t have the votes, but when they started making concessions that was the first warning sign.”

He and Brett also discussed how many of the reasons given by legislators demonstrate how they are out of touch before predicting if the bill is dead for good.

Then Brett dives into the N.C. supreme court decision giving legislators the power to help the Attorney General in strengthening voter ID laws and a state poll about voters in North Carolina and their thoughts on the future.